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Customers seeking ‘Software as a Service’ – can take confidence in the knowledge that the business partner for our SaaS 欧宝体育在线登录入口 ob|官方指定ob综合体育(2023全新爆料) technology offering is IBM Cloud, a network of UK and global Tier 3 data centres which can facilitate almost any data, ‘infosec’ and business continuity requirements.


Integration of Sunrise with external applications is possible via the REST API feature, creating scope for your Service Desk to support a variety of applications used throughout your organisation, including Teams, Jira and Slack.


APIs Sunrise integration
Power BI Integration

Reporting Integration with Power BI


Integration brings powerful views of the data from a Sunrise ITSM or Sunrise MSP instance within Power BI.

Service Desk Institute (SDI) Standard Reporting

Reporting is key to the business; for service desk organisations seeking to gain SDI accreditation, it’s a critical point in gaining the required level of proof. SDI reporting from Sunrise is certified to help customers meet those standards with ease.

SDI certified reporting
Workflow Automation – Process Builder

Workflow Automation – Process Builder

Sunrise is easy to configure with our ‘no-coding’ graphical process engine. See examples of building common use cases such as onboarding new starters, reporting a lost phone, new device requests and leavers including important automation of the GDPR ‘Right to be forgotten’.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Platform

Sunrise’s applications are built on a platform which enables Service Management centric processes and benefits to be rapidly deployed across the enterprise – not just in the IT department. There are many benefits to using a common platform in this way, not least being ROI, the reuse of common data, security and ease of maintenance and management.
Leverage of the Sunrise platform does not require coding, scripting or database skills. Documented APIs and mail processors facilitate integration with applications, systems and tools.

ESM platform
Common applications of Sunrise beyond ITSM include Managed Service / OB欧博娱乐|官方指定OB体肓娱乐平台app(2023趋势新闻) Providers, Shared Services and HR Case Management, as well as Finance, Facilities, Operations and other employee and customer service departments.

Cyber Essentials

Sunrise has been assessed and certified against the Cyber Essentials Scheme Test Specification.
Scope: IT Infrastructure including servers, workstations, firewalls, routers and end user devices located at the Sunrise Chessington office.


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