CFEDC Presents: Wilmington/New Hanover Comprehensive Greenway Plan and City of Wilmington Collector Street Plan

The CFEDC  hosted representatives from the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO) and the City of Wilmington. Our topic: the Wilmington/New Hanover County Comprehensive Greenway Plan and the City of Wilmington Collector Street Plan on June 26 in the WHQR Gallery at 254 N. Front Street, Suite 300.

Amy Beatty, the city’s superintendent for Recreation and Downtown Services and Mike Kozlosky, WMPO executive director, presented information on the plans. Discussion with the audience followed.

“The Greenway Plan is an exciting initiative that has the potential to both improve the transportation options in the region and encourage a healthy population through provision of a safe and attractive greenway network having form and function,” said CFEDC Chair Mark King.

The CFEDC event offered an opportunity for the public to learn more about the plan and provide commentary on the website.

Ian Oeshger, CFEDC vice chair, also said he hoped the event could bring clarity and context to the City of Wilmington Collector Street Plan.