idea management


Improve your team’s processes and procedures by harnessing the creativity of those around you.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Implement peer review and approval cycles for submitted ideas
  • Consistently score approved ideas relating to their impact and business benefit
  • Allow employees to vote for their favourite ideas
  • Focus energies on improvements with the greatest payback
  • Implement ideas and track each individual task

2. Key User Benefits

  • Access to the creative potential of your staff and customers
  • Increased innovation based on real experiences
  • Improved processes, products and services

3. More Info

New ideas can be inspired by anything and thought of by absolutely anyone, but what happens to these suggestions if there is nowhere for them to go?

With hth华体会OB体育登录 HRCM, you have the ability to track and encourage innovative thoughts from employees in your organisation. Whether you are looking for ideas to improve your team’s processes or general ideas that will benefit the company, hth华体会OB体育登录 HRCM will allow you to track and manage these ideas. Each idea submitted can be approved by management and be peer reviewed. Approved ideas can be scored according to their business impact and potential benefits to the company. And to really ensure that the most innovative and popular suggestions get supported, you can introduce a voting system so that staff can vote for their favourite ideas.

Should you wish to implement any of the more popular ideas, tasks can be created within hth华体会OB体育登录 HRCM and then allocated to individuals to action when needed, and with the hth华体会OB体育登录 Self-Service portal, you can easily keep staff updated on the progress of all submitted ideas.

What Our Customers Say

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