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High on any IT service manager’s to-do list, ITSM reporting just has to be done, and frequently. SLAs, KPIs, team & individual performance metrics, budget and training justifications, we all know the ropes. The urgent ‘I need this report’ request from a department manager isn’t unusual either. However necessary service desk reporting may be, though, and however useful the outcome, it’s not always an easy undertaking. But if we can only have the data and the means to manipulate it at our fingertips via our ITSM tools, reporting can be the basis for driving Continual Service Improvement (CSI) initiatives, and even beyond to accreditation and team recognition.

So, how can good ITSM reporting sit at your fingertips?

That can be a challenge, but hth华体会OB体育登录 certainly aims to make it easier. ITSM tools should always be on hand to assist with making reporting less time-consuming. Like many other service desk tools, hth华体会OB体育登录 has an ITSM reports manager that makes it quick to design, schedule, refresh, download and send information.

However, we do know our limits – hth华体会OB体育登录 ITSM can run all the service desk related data you need into an array of useful formats and graphs, but doesn’t pretend to be the greatest analytics tool out there. Our solution? Automate generating the data, then you’re in a place to push it into a more focused tool: in our case we have direct connectors available to Power BI which means you can slice & dice, interpret and present what you need, when you need to and in the most appropriate format.

Read how Community Integrated Care uses its integration from hth华体会OB体育登录 ITSM to Power BI for both day to day service desk team management, and strategic reporting to the Board. “[With] Covid-19, the need to manage IT services centrally was demonstrated more than ever and so the business’s requirement for hth华体会OB体育登录 data and the insight provided by Power BI has proven of immense value.”

So much data, so little time.

The uses of ITSM reporting data in the business context are many – we went into a lot of them in this previous blog, Getting Genuine Business Value from Reporting .

Don’t forget though that there could be a motivational aspect related too for the service desk team. Beyond sharing their achievements with the wider organisation, hth华体会OB体育登录 can also help with affirming ITSM strategy and achieving the coveted accolade of Service Desk Institute (SDI) Certification .

Being accredited by the SDI certifies hth华体会OB体育登录 ITSM to produce a set of specific, business-focused KPIs that the typical service desk should be tracking. By consistently reporting on common KPIs, IT departments will quickly come to see how their ITSM programme stands, and whether any areas could be improved. The SDI requirements include:  Performance results data displayed quickly and efficiently; Clear and concise presentation of data; Graphical display, complying with strict UX requirements. You can find out more here about how the SDI reporting works.

Our aim as always is that our ITSM software is easy to use and adaptable to your business – which is why it’s been proven for over 25 years now. ITSM Reporting is just another place where hth华体会OB体育登录 helps to put you in the driving seat.

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