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Newly formed trust invest in Sostenuto to help improve customer service and support ITIL implementation.

Chessington, UK – 15 January, 2008  South of Tyne & Wear NHS has selected hth华体会OB体育登录’s leading service management tool Sostenuto ITSM to help improve customer service levels across sites and support the implementation of ITIL processes.

The ICT department at South of Tyne and Wear, comprising 50 staff, is using Sostenuto to support a substantial user base of over 5000 users across more than 50 NHS sites in the Tyne and Wear region.

Acting Head of ICT Darrin Shaw explains why Sostenuto has been selected:

“We chose Sostenuto for a number of key reasons. It is a fully web-enabled application, ITIL compliant, very intuitive and has a logical user interface. Sostenuto is also competitively priced and hth华体会OB体育登录 has a team of people with a great level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the product.”

This combination of good technology and good people was a key driver during the selection process for South of Tyne and Wear. Shaw explains further:

“We are developing our service to be more customer-focused in the coming year and the self-service option with Sostenuto Chameleon will really help us here, meaning users can manage some of their own calls. The fact that we trust hth华体会OB体育登录 people is a real bonus, as we know service and support will be excellent at all times.”

Shaw and his team are set to baseline their current service levels and performance prior to implementation so they can measure and report on improvements achieved through Sostenuto in 2008.

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