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What’s it like working at Sunrise?

At Sunrise we believe in creating an open and collaborative workplace that creates successful outcomes for our customers and our company. Let’s face it, all companies require hardwork, commitment and skill from the people they employ and at Sunrise we like to say ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’.

New starters at Sunrise can be assured that if they demonstrate their interest and commitment to the company, then it will be reciprocated and we will look to further people’s career aims whenever it’s possible. Many talented ‘Sunrisers’ have committed significant parts of their working career to the company which shows that we are getting the balance of autonomy and management just right, more often than not.

Our Values

There are six core values that sit at the heart of Sunrise, they reflect who we are and how we do things – we believe that these values are the reason that people join Sunrise and stay for the long-haul. Anyone who joins the Sunrise team must share these values.


Be Ethical

Sunrise carries out its business activities ethically, with integrity and as much expertise as we can bring to each and every customer engagement.


Offer Value

We care that customers receive value from the trust and investment they have made in our product so we always strive to go above and beyond.

recognise greatness


We recognise and reward our team and proactively plan their career development.


Be Honest and Correct Mistakes

Quite simply, we are human and sometimes humans make mistakes therefore if we get something wrong, we put it right.


Be Commercial

Ultimately we want to deliver growth for our organisation and to help our customers grow with the help of our solutions.


Recognise Responsibility

We like to give a little something back to our community, so we look to support local and national (and sometimes world-wide) causes and events.

What Our Employees Think

At Sunrise we believe in creating a friendly and relaxed working environment – we believe in working hard and getting great results, but having a bit of fun as we do it.

“Fantastic place to work, great family atmosphere”
“This is a company that cares about its staff and its customers”
“Supportive, friendly company to work for”


This is a company that cares about its staff and its customers


Starting at ob欧宝体育滚球|官方指定ob欧宝娱乐中国官网(2023趋势信息) plus bank holidays after a year’s full service, this will increase by one day each year up to a maximum of 30 days.

Company events

To recognise the efforts of the team at Sunrise and to give us all a chance to blow off a little steam, we organize numerous events and activities throughout the year. From our quarterly company meetings, to table tennis tournaments and our bake-off competitions and not to forget the annual Christmas festivities including the Christmas party and festive desk competitions there is always something going on to give us a chance to get together, have a giggle or two and celebrate our successes.


Our Group Personal Pension scheme is available to all employees who pass their six-month probation and complies with the Auto Enrollment regulations.

Long-service awards

Given to those who have been at Sunrise for periods of three, five, and ten and fifteen years we reward those who have dedicated their careers to Sunrise – it is just a way to say a simple thank you.


Annual pay reviews take place at the beginning of our financial year, meaning that if you have performed well this is rewarded by increasing your capacity to earn.

Training and further development

All new employees will be put onto their own personal development programme to support their training and learning requirements in their specific roles. For those who wish to further their careers and learning external training courses are available.

Parking facilities

We have plenty of free parking around the office available for all employees.

Flexible working options

For those who need it, we do offer and support those who require flexible working.

Cycle to Work scheme

We encourage healthy living at Sunrise and so offer all employees the cycle to work scheme as a tax-free benefit.

Employee of the quarter and year awards

We hate to see hard work and dedication go unnoticed and so reward those who have done exceptional work at with our employee of the quarter and annual awards.

Current Vacancies

We are currently looking for new team members in the following areas:

There are currently no vacancies

Next Steps….

Don’t see a position suitable for you but feel that you would love to be a part of the Sunrise team? Drop us an email with a covering letter and your CV and should something become available we will keep you in mind.


We will not respond to agencies at this address.

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