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The CFEDC brings together industry, community leaders, and the public to foster collaboration, transparency, inspiration, and alignment around a shared regional vision.


We want to foster a thriving community and destination that serves as an exceptional place to live, work, learn, and play.  We envision a sustainable and innovative economy that enhances the region’s beauty and cultural resources while meeting the needs of an engaged, creative, informed, and generous people.

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  1. Margot Brent

    Hello there

    I am currently a student at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

    I am studying towards a Masters in Sustainable Development. I am very impressed by your initiative and drive for this vision.

    I have an assignment that is centered around the idea of a sustainable city with reference to the city of Cape Town in South Africa.

    I would love to include a propoal for a center for sustainabble economic development as South Africa has to balance environmental sustainability along with social and economic sustainability in a particular manner given its history of uneven social and economic devlopmen.

    Please could you send me a document that outlines your coucil, abroshure or propectus or something along those lines as I would like to include your initiative as an example of a successful sustainable economic development project.

    Kind Regards from South Africa
    Margot Brent

  2. Tom Conway

    CFEDC is growing! Additional board members, excellent topics for community conversations, and recognition by various groups and resources are all positive signs of CFEDC’s value to southeastern North Carolina.

  3. peter perschbacher

    I am interested in seeing New Hanover River Rd. become a scenic byway. To that end I have prepared a screening application to NCDOT as the first step. A non-profit or governmental group needs to the actual applying. Perhaps your group would be interested in this effort.


    Peter Perschbacher, PhD

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